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About the Blog:

Why the blog?
This blog is an outcome of a lot of free time, curiosity and my trysts with creativity. I always wanted a platform for myself to display all of my hobby activities and then recently I happened to have a lot of free time. That’s when ‘The Fountain Pen’ happened. I find this a good way to display my pictures and express the experience and/or back-story associated with them. Photography is a very powerful medium and if used wisely and benevolently, it can convey pain, anguish, joy, anger and millions of other emotions to even the most illiterate person alive. Amongst the several existing and new sprouting genres of photography, thanks to the every growing digital technology, I like street and travel photography the best. What I find intriguing about them is the unpredictability. Street and travel photography, according to me, is the purest form of photography. Nothing is staged and you click what you experience. For me photography started a year and half ago with a couple of friends, borrowed cameras and a few good photowalks and for all I know, this is just the beginning. It’s a long way ahead and boy am I excited!

Now as my blog completes over a year, I realised that I had not posted anything for at least a year now. The free time I used to have when I started this blog, is scarce now. Also it is hard to find time to click these days. I hope this gets better with time

Why 'The Fountain Pen'?
A Fountain Pen according to me, is one of the world's most beautiful manufacture, capable of creating pure magic, but thanks to the ever growing human quest for convenience, has lost its importance and not appreciated for what it was or could be. I kind of relate myself with it. Hence the name.

About me:

Presently I’m a Masters student in Engineering. Apart from that I enjoy photography, sketching, listening to music, singing, playing harmonica, playing football, writing poetry, designing stuff and as of recently I've added travelling, writing and cooking to this list. English has never been my piece of cake but turns out my English medium schooling background has served me well. In simple language, my English isn't too good but neither too bad. 

I am self taught in most of my hobbies and love what I do and now on I’m going to try to be good at them. My experience in blogging has been amazing so far and I’m looking forward to an even greater journey ahead. I would like to thank all the readers, supporters, family and friends who appreciate my work and motivate me to shed my laziness and explore!

All artwork images and written content used on this website are entirely mine, unless otherwise mentioned. All rights reserved. Any other use of these works, without the prior consent from me, is strictly prohibited. For any inquiries or critique feel free to contact me.

Abhishek Kiran Dani
Aachen, Germany.

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